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  • 225/50ZR17 TBB tires TR-66 98W XL
  • Product Number 840156400428
  • UTQG- 420 A A

  • Sidewall- BSW

  • Load Rating (Single/Double)- 98

  • Speed Rating- W

  • Load Capacity Single- 1653 lbs

  • Max Inflation Pressure- 49 psi


225/50ZR17 TBB TR-66 98W XL

SKU: 840156400428
  • Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire.


    • Multi-pitch block pattern
    • Asymmetric pattern blocks inside and outside
    • Outside wide pattern
    • Continuous central pattern rib
    • Four wide drainage longitudinal grooves


    • Helps reduce noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride
    • Ensure efficient drainage
    • Increase ground pressure while turning for excellent cornering performance
    • For stable handling performance at high speed in straight line driving
    • Helps evacuate water to prevent the risk of hydroplaning
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